💊 Diabetes drugs that dont cause weight gain ✴️ Are they better?


 21 tips you should know to live a full and healthy life with diabetes.

👋 Hi, we are Diabetes Consciousness, and today we’re going to talk about 💊 Diabetes drugs that dont cause weight gain during treatment.  

One of the concerns many people have when they start taking diabetes medications is whether the drugs they take to control their blood glucose levels will also affect their weight.


Not all diabetes medications cause weight gain, some cause weight loss, and some do not alter weight.

Let’s see.

Diabetes is usually treated with lifestyle changes and prescription blood glucose control medications. 

Treatment regimens are different for each patient. And each diabetic person may respond with varying intensities to medications according to their metabolic particularities. 

It’s essential to consider weight gain or loss during treatment, but let’s remember at all times that it is even more important that the medication is effective in glycemic control 🩺.


With this in mind, let us now look at which diabetes control medications have been clinically shown NOT to affect weight:

Medications belonging to the DPP- 4 Inhibitors group, commercially known as:

🔸 Nesin

🔸 Januvia

🔸 Tradjenta 

🔸 Onglyza

Usually have little or no effect on body weight.

This group of drugs lowers blood sugar by helping the body increase the hormone insulin level after eating 🥙.

They’re sometimes referred to by healthcare professionals 👨‍⚕️ as “weight-neutral” diabetes medications.

What about other medications and weight?

Medications, such as Metformin, the SGTL2 inhibitors group, and GLP1 agonists, known commercially as:

🔸 Jardinance

🔸 Rybelsus

🔸 Trulicity

🔸 Victoza

🔸 Ozempic

🔸 Rybelsus

🔸 Byetta

🔸 Bydureon

🔸 Invokana and Farxiga

These are all medications that, in most patients, cause weight loss.


And medications such as insulin and substances from the group of Sulfonylureas, Glinides, and TZDs, commercially known as:

🔸 Prandin

🔸 Amaryl

🔸 Glucotrol

🔸 Starlix

🔸 Avandia and Actos

It can cause weight gain.


Knowing these data, remember that the benefit of controlling blood glucose exceeds in priority the effects that the drugs produce on weight since the main objective is to avoid complications due to high blood glucose levels during long periods. This condition is verified by the HbA1c test figures.

Regarding the relationship between weight fluctuations and glycemic control by medications, there’s clinical evidence that shows that the drugs with the BEST effect on glycemic control are Glipzide, Prandin, and Metformin because patients taking them have presented low HbA1c test results.


However, remember that weight changes caused by diabetes medications can be controlled through diet and exercise 🏃‍♀️; lifestyle changes play a crucial role in their control. 

It’s best to consult with your healthcare provider about which medications are best for you 💊. And also about how to combine exercise, diet, and medications to find balance.

Weight alone is not an indicator of good health ☝.

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Please leave us your comments, questions or suggestions below. 

See you soon!

There are drugs available for diabetes control that don’t cause weight gain, others that cause weight gain and others called “neutral”. Find out about the different types of diabetes drugs that won’t elevate your weight and discuss your medications with your doctor to find the best solution for you.




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